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  • WS2822S Parallel signal build in IC led chip

    Main Features

    Control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050 components, form a

    complete control of pixel point,has a same outlook with 5050 LED.

    Signal adopts the single line parallel connection type,any pixels failure won’t effect other

    pixel’s display effect.

    Signal can compatible and expand the DMX512(1990) protocol signal.Data transmission

    speed can be 250Kbps~750Kbps.

    Each pixel’s three primary color can achieve 256  brightness display, completed 16777216

    color full color display, and scan frequency can be 3000Hz/s.

    EEPROM integrated in and maximum support  1024pixels in parallel connection.

    Main Application

    Stage light control system,etc;

    LED decoration lighting system,etc;

    All kinds of creative clothes,crafts,etc;

    All kinds of game devices,electronic toy,etc;

    Large dancing machine, fitness facility and entertainment facilities,etc;

    General Description

    WS2822S is an intelligent control LED light source which combine the control circuit and RGB chip

    together, integrated in a package of 5050 components. Adopts the parallel single wire control signal,owns the independent programmable address.WS2822S has the same  outlook with 5050 RGB LED,each LED is one pixel.WS2822S LED has the power supply voltage stabilizing circuit,time base circuit, signal decoder block,data buffer,built-in address storage circuit EEPROM.Each pixel owns independent address,any pixel’s failure won’t affect any other pixel’s display effect. WS2822S’s data protocol can compatible and expand the DMX512(1990) protocol signal.Data transmission speed can be 250Kbps~750Kbps.WS2822S has the independent write code signal line,the address can be written in series at one.

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