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  • 5050 RGBW LED CHIP

    RGBW LED provides the leading Chip on Top SMD type of LED technology for high efficiency solid-state

    lighting solutions. It offers excellent uniformity, flexibility and cost efficiency along with compact size and wide range

    of color selections. All components are produced by packing high-performance LED chips and silicon resin with proprietary phosphors.

    1. Features and Benefits
    . Ideal for LED lighting application to avoid multi-shadows
    . Higher heat conductivity for better thermal management
    . Provide variable and innovative array LED layout designs and combinations
    . Reduce the initial development cost and time
    . High lumen-performance per dollar cost
    . Lead free reflow solder compatible with RoHS compliant

    2. Applications
    Solid State Lighting
    . Indoor/Outdoor/Decoration
    . Signal Light Engine
    . Commercial Display
    . Industrial Light Engine

    3. Dimensions and Materials
    . Dimensions: 5.5 mm x 5 mm x 1.6 mm
    . Packages: Top SMD
    . Capsulated Resin: Silicone Resin with Silicate Phosphor
    . Electrodes: Ag Plating
    . Chips: Total 4 chips packed in cavity

    5050 RGBW LED Datasheet:

  • upload/201603/5050 RGBW LED Datasheet.pdf
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