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Newest 12V SK6812 LED,12V SK6813 LED

Update Time : 2019-06-24 View : 222
Currently our Company have designed 2 types new smart led Chip , it is different from most of the smart led chip , such as 5V SK6812,WS2812B WS2813 SK9822, Normally most of the smart led chip is 5V , those 5V led chip have a higher voltage drop when you power them more than 5m . even you power them 5m 60leds per meter led strip , when you make them light white color , the tail color consistency will be not good . so we design 2 new smart led strip , one is 12V SK6812 LED Chip , the other is 12V Sk6813 LED Chip.
What is different from those 2 new version,
For 12V SK6812 LED, it have the same protocol as 5v SK6812 LED , It is SPI signal ,the signal is series connection , when one led signal coonnection is bad , then the led behind will not work correctly .
For 12V SK6813 LED, It have same protocol as 5v SK6813 LED,it is SPI signal too , but it have 2 signal wire .which mean one led signal is broken , the led behind can still work, unless 2 adjacent led is bad.
Both of the 12V SK6812 SK6813 have low voltage drop than 5V smart led chip , the color consistency is better.

The datasheet of those 2 versions are on the following:

12V SK6812 LED Datasheet:

12V SK6813 LED Datasheet:

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