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SK6813 LED Come out
Everyone knows WS2813 LED is  dual signal,signal break-point continuous transmission,now SK6813 LED comes out,it's the same as WS2813 LED,belo More >>
The smallest APA102-2020 LED
Apa102-2020 led is the smallest ic built-in led,the size is 2.0*2.0*0.9mm,which has much more advantage than 5050 led.It’s widely used in indoor di More >>
Learn More About GS8208
GS8208 LED is a new type led, It used the latest design and technology. Compared with the previous led, such as the SK6812, SK9822, and WS2813 led More >>
Newest DC12V GS8208 LED
Good news,GS8208 LED comes out,it is the newest DC12V breakpoint continuous transmission. The GS8208 is a 3-channel constant current LED More >>
Attention:SK9822,SK6812,GS8208,WS2813 LED Use Instruction
Nowadays , there are more and more build in IC led chip coming out , those build in ic ,such as SK6812, SK6822,SK9822, WS2813, GS8208 LED Chip More >>
SK6812 SIDE 4020 LED
SK6812 Side Datasheet: More >>
The difference of SK6812,SK6812 MINI, SK6822,WS2812b,WS2813
There are many kinds of ic built-in led ,like ws2812,ws2812b,ink1003,apa102 and so on, now it comes out sk6812 ,sk6822,sk6812 mini and ws2813 led. More >>
New Product WS2813 LED
Never afraid led broke,new ws2813 led is coming,it's ws2812 updated version,dual-signal wires ,signal break-point continuous transmission. More >>
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