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Our New Smart LED Chip ,SK9816 2427,SK9816 5050
Currently ,we have designed many types of smart led chip , one is our SK9816 smart led chip , and we have 2 SMD for this type of IC , it is 2427 an More >>
The Smallest Smart LED Chip-SK6805 1515
Now, there are many brand 2020 smart led chip in the market , so our research and development department have designed a new small size led , it is More >>
Small Size Smart Led Chip - SK6812 SK6813 SK9822 2020 Led
Nowadays,our company has designed many types of Smart led Chip ,such as 12V smart led chip , SK9816 led Chip ,small size led chip and so on. Let’s t More >>
Newest 12V SK6812 LED,12V SK6813 LED
Currently our Company have designed 2 types new smart led Chip , it is different from most of the smart led chip , such as 5V SK6812,WS2812B WS2813 SK More >>
SK6805-2427 LED
SK6805-2427 LED is a smart LED control circuit and light emitting circuit in one controlled LED source, which has the shape of a 2427 LED chip. E More >>
WS2812B-2020 LED,The Smallest WS2812B LED
WS2812b-2020 led is the smallest ws2812b led so far. Features and Benefits  The control integrated circuit and the LED share the onl More >>
SK6813 LED Come out
Everyone knows WS2813 LED is  dual signal,signal break-point continuous transmission,now SK6813 LED comes out,it's the same as WS2813 LED,belo More >>
The smallest APA102-2020 LED
Apa102-2020 led is the smallest ic built-in led,the size is 2.0*2.0*0.9mm,which has much more advantage than 5050 led.It’s widely used in indoor di More >>
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